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Discovering meaning in data™HCE e

Discovery occurs when:

  • Data is validated as accurate, defined and not redundant,
  • Surveys and audits are specified to the context and time,
  • Front line workers give their insight to ask the right question,
  • Front line workers are encouraged to interpret the results of the data,
  • Theory is used to guide data mining and discussion regarding identified patterns,
  • Interfacing using HL7s enhances ease and efficiency of data collection,
  • Reports inform performance in operations in real time,
  • Data collection is designed to inform multiple disciplines involved in care,
  • Proper and diverse analyses are used,
  • Both analysts and machines/computers can collaborate to examine the data and
  • Mathematical formulas are carefully crafted in predictive analytics and modeling.

Healthcare Environment Data and Survey Software (HEDSS) is the platform tailored for healthcare and quality improvement strategies. The platform Healthcare Environment (HCE) has developed ensures that strategies maintain validity during the pursuit of discovery. HCE offers three versions, or bundles, to help users get started, expand at a low cost, and optimize your improvement efforts at a competitive price. Included in the following sentences are purpose statements related to each bundle; for detailed information surrounding each product – visit the product and service page. HEDSStrial is a starter bundle that allows anyone to make use of real-time reports, for a three month period. Alternatively, try the HEDSSup bundle if you want to get more out of your research and quality improvement efforts. Lastly, HEDSS Insight enables users to start Discovering Meaning in Data™. Begin building your data repository for a variety of reasons: Performance improvement, evidenced-based training, research, meaningful data mining and/or regulatory reporting. If your facility already uses HEDSS Insight, then advance your quality improvement efforts with a Leadership Training Program or Education programs – geared towards data collection efficacy.