Discrete Event Analysis

Discrete event analysis is used to evaluate timeliness of care, throughput, and/or length-of-stay. An overall process can be broken into smaller time intervals to analyze and interpret which stage throughout the care process is accounting for the greatest share of minutes. Events or stages can also be analyzed to identify which is the most volatile, or least controlled. Paired with non-time data, a root cause analysis may be conducted to help understand why the events are taking so long and/or why they vary so greatly.

Expected time to complete: One week, five days

Steps to complete:

  1. Data Clean-up
  2. Statistical Process Control
  3. Queuing Analytics
  4. Report Writing
  5. Presentation

Price assumes there are no more than seven discrete events included in the analysis. Due to varied response teams and resuscitation procedures involved with trauma care in the Emergency Department, trauma patient care requires a custom quote.