Email distribution

The email distribution method generates an 18 character password that each participant latter receives in an email.

It is most often used by those who do not have a facility specific intranet. This method also allows administrators to send out reminder emails to those participants who have not responded by a certain date.

To begin responding to a survey via email distribution, follow the pictured instructions below


On the day of the launch of the study, all respondents will receive an email that looks like this (pictured above)


Once they open the survey, a short message and survey link will be visible. Respondents will first select the link noted within the email that says “Go to my survey.”


The first page you see may be a consent form. Select “Continue” to proceed to survey.


Respondents may begin responding to survey items.


If survey questions are unanswered after selecting “Continue,” you will be notified of missed questions and given the choice to go back and answer or proceed with the questions on the preceding page unanswered.

Screenshot (172)

Proceed to the end of the survey and select “Submit Survey” once complete. There is an option at anytime in the survey to “Save & Return Later”. To re-enter the survey, simply use the link in the original email received and select the same link in the email. You will be brought to the place you left off. It should be noted, if you close the survey and forget to select “Save and Return Later” all of your responses will be saved.



Once the survey is submitted, you will be able to view and print your survey to save for comparison of the aggregate scores (everybody else in the final results) or use in personal action plans within your organization. If you do want to view your survey at a later date, use the link in your survey and you will be brought back to this page, to view or print your survey. You will not be able to  enter the survey again, but you can print your individual results anytime you want. Nobody but you have access to your individual results, using the email you received from Healthcare Environment (HCE).