What are my options to administer surveys?

The options to administer surveys are either by Intranet Link, Generic Link, HTML Links, Email, Private Surveys or Open Surveys. These are described in detailed here: Survey Options

How do you secure the data?

We use state of the art security, including firewall, 24 hour monitor for hacking attempts, and encryption. For detailed information on security, view the PDF here: HCE Survey Software Security 11.2015.

Is Healthcare Environment, and the software HEDSS, HIPAA compliant?

Yes. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, for the United States. Employees at Healthcare Environment regularly attend HIPAA training to ensure processes comply with the most current regulations. Our HIPAA document is available on our website, using this shortcut: HIPAA Document

How do I monitor the number of responses during survey administration?

Once the database of names from your organization is uploaded, you can monitor the response rate by unit in real time using your Report Center. A response rate PDF will be sent to you once you request this using the Report Center. The PDF will include the unit, the number invited, number of responses and associated response rate. These data are generated in real time at the time you submit your query.

How do I get my bar graph reports after the survey closes?

The process is similar to downloading the counts report, discussed above. All reports are secured from the Report Center, located on the home page of Healthcare Environment (HCE). There are two types of bar graphs, frequency and Likert scale. Once logged into the Report Center, select the survey or audit and then report you want. Similar to the counts report, a PDF will be generated and can be printed, saved or sent to a desired email address.

How long do I need to wait to get my bar graph reports after the survey closes?

Reports are all in real time. If you are generating reports more than once an hour, you can select a “refresh” box when generating your reports and the most recent data will be generated from that moment in time. Reports take a second or two to generate. If the file is very large, it may take a minute or two. A progress bar will be visible to inform you of the completion rate.

Can I check the bar graph reports before the survey closes?

Yes; however, be aware that mean scores will change as more survey responses are added to the dataset.

Can I benchmark both internally in my organization as well as externally?

Yes, benchmark reports at the unit, system and national level are available in the portal. Specific benchmarks by profession or other demographics are available upon request. International benchmarks are available as well for other countries using the survey. All surveys are mapped across the globe but provided in English.

How do I add surveys not listed in the Healthcare Environment list of surveys?

Contact HCE and our survey editors will generate a survey that you desire.