Generation of Research Model, Intervention Specific

Generating a research model is used when somebody has a strong gut feeling, or a strong hunch, about a specific phenomena relating to the process, or work environment, they are involved with; this person wants to understand how big of an impact this certain phenomena may have on the outcomes their involved work process. Better yet, this somebody has a theory that one, specific outcome is greatly affected by the proposed phenomena. Accordingly, experts at HCE sit down with this person to develop a theoretically-driven questionnaire that may best collect information regarding their theory-in-question.

Expected time to complete: Four weeks

Steps to complete:

  1. Listen to all interventions and proposed outcomes resulting from these interventions
  2. Assemble a model for measurement
  3. Test and measure
  4. Examine relation between intervention and outcomes, as well as antecedence and co-variance
  5. Propose re-specified model based on results
  6. Presentation of results using action research to identify missing components of model
  7. Develop re-specified model for next measure
  8. Report Writing

Price listed assumes the intervention sought-after is complex and original.

Average (with testing): $51,750

Average (without testing): $1,600