Generic Link

The generic link is the most elementary method of data collection offered by HCE. This is because a single code is used by all participants enrolled in the study. This method, unlike others listed on this site, does not allow administration, nor researchers at HCE, to track individual performance and/or satisfaction over time. This method is offered for free when paired with a version of the Healthcare Environment Survey (HES).

To begin responding to a survey via generic link, follow the pictured instructions below

Screenshot (141)

After discussion with an HCE representative or after signing up via, you will receive an email with the generic link embedded in the PDF. Open the PDF.

Secure Generic Link for HEDSS, updated Nov 10.2017

Screenshot (137)

Enter the survey code provided, by HCE, via email. You may provide an email in the second text-box if you would like a receipt of your survey responses sent to you after submission.

Screenshot (138)

You entered the code incorrectly or your survey is closed by administration’s request. If the former is true: Return to the previous screen and enter your, facility specific — survey specific, code, once more; an HCE representative will assist you if the problem persists and if administration declares the survey remains open at this time.

Screenshot (140)

You have successfully logged in. Begin responding as you are able.