About Us

John Headshot 2017Healthcare Environment began in 2001 when Dr. John Nelson, early in his healthcare career, realized that the data clinical staff, who are required to gather and document about patients, were often not used in a systematic way to inform performance of staff and systems. It was this realization as a data scientist that Dr. Nelson and his team of researchers, scientists and software developers initiated the building of a data and survey software and consulting company; Healthcare Environment (HCE). The software of HCE, Healthcare Environment Data and Survey Software (HEDSS)™, was developed to:

  1. Communicate with other software,
  2. Create a repository of data from all survey/audits used,
  3. Utilize auto-populate from any relevant patient data already in the repository about that patient so when the data entry staff open the electronic survey, it is already halfway completed,
  4. Data mine the repository using theory and science,
  5. Generate time data, quantitative data, and qualitative data to support integration of data from multiple methods of analytics.
  6. Provide real-time data for performance improvement
  7. Predict outcomes and proactively manage care
  8. Generate real time reports for performance improvement of staff and systems

Consultation is available for organizations who do not have data scientists, operation researchers and/or statisticians who can support:

  1. Monitoring of data for accuracy, redundancy, reliability and validity
  2. Perform discrete time analysis to examine discrete time in care processes like STEMI, Stroke care, Sepsis, etc.
  3. Optimization to study work flow patterns
  4. Describe state of affairs using descriptive and comparative statistics
  5. Conduct thematic analysis of qualitative data to capture unique aspects of the care process not identified in quantitative methods
  6. Examination of research models to identify if they are specific for context of organization
  7. Development of predictive models to proactively, rather than retrospectively, manage outcomes
  8. Align survey software with regulatory and accrediting agencies such as JCAHO, DNV, Leapfrog, Magnet, etc.

Strategies for success include using action research, working with staff to interpret data and use for data driven action plans. Data managers are also trained in use of HEDSS™ to maximize the tailoring of surveys and audits for context and regulatory reporting.