HEDSS Insight

Expert support & software:

  • Many Facilities
    • Limited to one healthcare system
  • Eight Surveys (or less)
    • Choose
      • Any offered in HEDSSup bundle (see above)
      • Gain Access to HCE Survey Library (180 active surveys/audits – 01/01/2017)
    • Convert
      • Select any paper questionnaires you are currently using and convert them into an electronic survey or transfer existing electronic surveys.
    • Build One
      • Start from scratch and develop a one-of-a-kind survey. Choose to build from existing literature or build based off your own theory – either way, HCE is experienced in developing scientific instruments.
  • Twelve Months
  • Survey Management Support
    • Eliminate wasted data entry
    • Streamline reporting process
    • Point-of-contact
    • 3-Day observation research (optional; travel expenses not included)
  • Auto-populate Surveys
    • When staff open a survey, any data field that exists in your other data systems will automatically populate.
  • One annual, system-wide, single construct, facility comparison, in-depth analysis
  • Real-Time Reporting (by unit, role, month, etc.)


Electronic data collection

Real-time reporting

Kiosk Ready