HTML Links

The HTML links are unique because they require hospital administration to specify the number of respondents prior to launching a survey. An HCE representative will then generate this specific number of links to be utilized and follow through by sharing a document with all links listed.

To begin responding to a survey via HTML links, follow the pictured instructions below

Screenshot (122)

After specifying the number of participants, the primary investigator will send you an email with a link to the participant list. Download the document and open it in your browser.

Screenshot (123)

Click the link to view the participant list

Screenshot (124)

Select a link that aligns with your unit and department

Screenshot (125)

If the department, unit and survey number do not align with your understanding. Please do not continue. First, speak with a manager or administrator to find a solution. If no solution is reached, then contact HCE’s customer support

Screenshot (126)

After verification, you may begin responding to the delegated survey

Screenshot (127)

Continue responding until you are able to “Submit Survey,” on the last page