Methods of Survey Administration

There are 6 unique methods to respond to surveys and/or audits. Select one of the four links noted below to view descriptions of the four most commonly used methods of survey/audit distribution.

  1. Generic Link
  2. Intranet Link 
  3. HTML Links
  4. Email

There are two additional methods for researchers who want to enroll participants.

  1. Open surveys – this method uses a link on the Healthcare Environment website. We will provide a link for your unique study. This is mostly used by students or researchers who are studying a wider populations that is not confined to a single organization.
  2. Private surveys – this method is used for people to actually sign up for the study using the Healthcare Environment website. This is also used by students and researchers who send out a consent letter to enroll research subjects and want a third party to be available to sign up. Healthcare Environment serves as that third party for potential subjects to sign up and provide their email for future survey and follow up that keeps the respondent anonymous to the student or researcher.

To inquire about either of these methods, or for questions regarding the first four methods, send an email to: or call support services at 651-633-6519.