Surveys/Audits that are pre-programmed and ready to use. Create your own survey from scratch or follow a template listed on this page.


Topics: Anxiety, Autism, Burnout, Caring, Civility, Clarity, Clinical Care, Comfort, Competence, Demographics, Education, Empathy, Farming, Framework of Care, Health, Job Satisfaction, Mindfulness, Patient Satisfaction, Productivity, Quality, Stress, Time Study.

For services regarding surveys/audits, ask about the following: Validating constructs, instrumentation development, and/or item reduction.

This list is continually updated to include all surveys/audits programmed in HEDSS


State Trait Anxiety Inventory


Autism Spectrum Quotient (ASQ)


Leadership Fatigue
MBI – Human Services Survey


Careful Nursing Questionnaire
Caring Assessment for Care-Givers
Caring Assessment for Clinical Setting
Caring Assessment for Support Services
Caring Assessment Tool – Administration
Caring Assessment Tool V
Caring Assessment, with HCAHPS
Caring at the Core
Caring at the Core, with Clarity and RBC Audit
Caring Attitudes, Professional Self-Concept, and Technical Influence
Caring Collaboration Evaluation Form
Caring Efficacy Scale
Caring Factor Survey
Caring Factor Survey – Care Provider Version
Caring Factor Survey – Care Provider Version, Portuguese
Caring Factor Survey – Care Provider Version Demographics
Caring Factor Survey – Caring for Self
Caring Factor Survey – Caring for Self, New Zealand
Caring Factor Survey – Caring for Self, Portuguese
Caring Factor Survey – Caring for Self, Spain
Caring Factor Survey – Caring for Self, Spanish
Caring Factor Survey – Caring for Self, Students
Caring Factor Survey – Caring for Self, Students Demographics
Caring Factor Survey – Caring of Co-worker
Caring Factor Survey – Caring of Manager
Caring Factor Survey – Caring of Manager Demographics
Caring Factor Survey – Caring of Preceptor
Caring Factor Survey – Caring Work Environment Survey
Caring Factor Survey – Easy Reader
Caring Factor Survey – Easy Reader, Spanish
Caring Factor Survey – Easy Reader, Spanish with Demographics
Caring Factor Survey – HFW
Caring Factor Survey – Specific Care Provider
Caring Factor Survey, Chinese
Caring Factor Survey, Italian
Caring Factor Survey, Portuguese
Caring Factor Survey, Spanish
Caring for Self Journal
Caring Professional Scale
Caring Professional Scale – Care Provider Version
Caring Structure Assessment
Caring Structure Assessment, short
Compassion Fatigue Test
Compassionate Care Questionnaire – Care Provider Version
Compassionate Care Questionnaire – Community
Compassionate Care Questionnaire, UK
Compassionate Fatigue Questionnaire, Portuguese
Compassionate Fatigue Questionnaire, Spain
Compassionate Fatigue Questionnaire, Spanish
Evaluation of Care, Spanish
Harmony Hill Survey
HCAHPS and Caring Factor Survey
Healing Compassion Assessment
Healing Compassion Assessment – Staff Version
Healing Compassion Survey – 7 C’s Scotland, NHS
Healing Survey
Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment, MAAS and demographics
Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment, Self Care Plan
Self Care Evaluation


Civility Assessment
Civility Assessment, Short
Negative Acts Questionnaire


Advanced Practice Nurse Survey
Clarity of Role
Clarity of Self – Concept
Clarity of Self, Role and System Questionnaire
Clarity of System
Clarity of System, Clinic

Clinical Care

Early Recognition of Patient Problems, with Demographics


Comfort/Pain Perception Survey (CPPS) – Employee
Comfort/Pain Perception Survey (CPPS) – Patient


Competence Systems Assessment
Compression Questionnaire
CPR Assessor and Caring for Self Questionnaire
CPR Compression, Depth and Rate
CPR Compressor and Caring for Self Questionnaire
Delirium Interventions Survey
Delirium Interventions Survey, Short
Delirium Pre_Post Test
Delirium Risk Factor Identification Tool
Early Recognition of Patient Problems
IV Insertion Site Study
Knowledge, Attitude, and Beliefs about HPV


Demographics, Studies using Salivary Cortisol


Clinical Instructional Experience Questionnaire
Training for Nurses and Midwives Questionnaire


Empathy Quotient


Agriculture Caring Interview, Cameroon

Framework of Care

Clinical Practice Model – Data Repository Protocol for Research Coordinators
Commitment to my Coworker
Evidence of Caring Behaviours Assurance (CBAS)
Index of Professional Nursing Governance
Integral Health and Wellness Assessment, with Planning
Partnership/Domination Paradigm Evaluation, Patient
Partnership/Domination Paradigm Evaluation, Staff
Person Centered Caring
Person-Centered Care Quality Instrument (PCQI)
Polarity Management Assessment Tool
PPFA_Clinician vs. Non-clinician
Primary Nurse Audit
Professional Practice Framework Assessment
Professional Practice Framework Assessment Protocol, LVHN
Professional Practice Framework Assessment, Interprofessionalism
Professional Practice Framework Assessment, with Caring
RBC, Action Plan Assessment
Relationship Based Care Scorecard


Health Status Questionnaire
HRI, Spanish

Job Satisfaction

Anticipated Turnover and Caring of Manager
Anticipated Turnover Scale
Collaboration/Satisfaction about Care Decisions
Conditions of Work Effectiveness Survey
Healthcare Environment and Caring Survey, Leuchie
Healthcare Environment and Caring Survey, NHS
Healthcare Environment Survey
Healthcare Environment Survey, 14dim + Clarity
Healthcare Environment Survey, Jamaica
Healthcare Environment Survey, NHS
Healthcare Environment Survey, Portuguese
Healthcare Environment Survey, Short
Healthcare Environment Survey, Short with Caring (HESS-CS)
Healthcare Environment Survey, Short with Caring for Self and Clarity (HESS-CS-Cl)
Healthcare Environment Survey, Spanish
Healthcare Environment Survey, UK
Healthcare Environment Survey, UK Community Service
NDNQI Hospital Demographic Data Elements
Professional Quality of Life Scale
Unit Environment Health Questionnaire
Workload of Faculty, English


Mindful Attention Awareness Scale


Patient Pain Experience Survey

Patient Satisfaction

Components of Primary Care
Dental Clinic Survey
Patient Satisfaction Survey, Radiology


Constructal Theory Survey – Pause and Flow


Behavioral Restraints
Cancer Program, Retreat Survey
CAUTI Predictive Model Study
CAUTI/Foley Catheter Survey
Chart Audit, Surgical Services
CLABSI Predictive Model Study
DNV and EOC Audit, SJHMC
DNV Open Record Review
Edmonton Symptom Assessment
Falls Alarm
Falls Monitoring Tool
FICA Spiritual History Tool, SJHMC
HAI Prevention Monitoring Tool
Healthy Heart Education Tool
Holistic Care Assessment Data, SJMHC
Interprofessional Care Team Rounding Audit
Length of Stay – Preop
Length of Stay – Recovery (phase 1)
Length of Stay – Recovery (phase 2)
Medical Restraints
NDNQI Pressure Ulcer Survey – Form A
NDNQI Pressure Ulcer Survey – Form B
OR PI Observations
Palliative Care Consult Survey
Patient Fall Context Audit
Patient Fall Context Audit, Manager
Patient Fall Detail
Patient Falls, HFW
Post TPA Flowsheet Documentation, SJHMC
Post-Fall Huddle Quality Review Tool, SJHMC
Proper Use of PPE and Handwashing
QM DNV Chart Audit
RCA Falls Audit Tool
Safe Patient Handling
Safe Patient Handling Mobility Assessment, Spanish
Sedation Survey
Septic Shock Survey
STEMI Survey
Stroke Patient Manegement Tool (Standard, CM)
White Board Rounding Audit


Perceived Stress Scale

Time Study

Stroke Survey
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