(Healthcare Environment) deftly and reliably manages voluminous quantities of data and concisely analyzes it into meaningful and actionable evaluations with which significant improvement can be enabled and traced.”

Cathy I. Schwartz, RN, MS
VP, Transformation Services
Clinical Solutions


We knew we needed data management & analysis expertise as we looked at our data as just numbers, reflecting retrospective & reactive operations.  By partnering with Healthcare Environment and Dr. John Nelson’s team of experts, who transform those numbers into valuable and detailed information, we now reflect predictive & proactive operations, leading to positive outcomes for our practitioners and patients.   What started out as one caring study with HCE has now led to a hospital system-wide phenomenon of using science and math to understand and change healthcare practices for the better.

Mary Ann Hozak, RN, MSN, NEA-BC
                                            Director, Innovative Nursing Practice & Quality Outcomes                                                                                        St. Joseph Regional Medical Center Paterson, New Jersey

(Healthcare Environment’s) focus on caring measurements and environmental assessments represent the most contemporary approaches to inquiry within the Caring Science/Caritas model of research, ushering in new and deeper authentic dimensions of assessments for nursing and patients and systems alike.”

Jean Watson PhD, RN, AHNC, FAAN
Distinguished Professor of Nursing
University of Colorado Denver College of Nursing
Watson Caring Science Institute

The work within Healthcare Environment is so elegantly relevant to the challenges of today, it enables all of us to not only understand our reality, but to respond to it intelligently based on the knowledge we can acquire from the information they provide. I am especially impressed with the milestones they have achieved in measuring the impact of caring and of relationships . . . core issues in nursing so often eliminated from important decisions because they are more difficult to measure.”

Marie Manthey, MNA, FAAN, FRCN
President Emeritus
Creative Health Care Management